-Does a new stadium have a negative impact on performance?
-Do teams struggle in new surroundings?
Tottenham Hotspurs’ year at Wembley will be an unfamiliar hurdle for Mauricio Pochettino. Whilst their new stadium is built at White Hart Lane, we ask whether a new stadium can be a curse for a soccer team and what kind of impact it has on Premier League betting. Read on to find out more.

Tottenham is the only the second Premier League club to relocate in the last decade, although many have done it before and numerous clubs have plans to do so in the future. Similarly to when basketball and football teams move to a new city, the worry is that it can take players a while to familiarise themselves with new surroundings and maintain previous levels of performance.

Before Tottenham, West Ham was the last club in the English top flight to change stadia. The move to the London Stadium in 2016 marked the end of a 112-year stay at the Boleyn Ground. But do these new facilities have a positive effect on performance or do teams sacrifice the benefit of home field advantage?

West Ham United
Given that West Ham have only played one season at the London Stadium since moving from Upton Park, the sample size available is too small to analyse any significant impact that playing in a new stadium has had on the Hammers’ performance.

However, after finishing 7th in 2015/16 and only losing three games at home in the entire season, the 11th place finish and eight home loses last season would have certainly been a disappointment for Slaven Bilic’s side. Bettors will have to wait and see how West Ham perform at home in the next few years to see how important the change in stadia is but other teams’ experiences certainly provides some interesting insight.

Things to consider
This is obviously an incredibly small sample, but it still provides several interesting points to reflect on. Some teams have thrived when moving to a new stadium, whereas many have really struggled and taken years to recover. One thing is for certain; a new home ground has an impact on a soccer team, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

NB;Not everything written here is mine but also spun outta my curiosity and online research ,Gracias.


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